Course objectives and career opportunities

The Master program in Language and Mind. Linguistics and Cognitive Studies, prepares students to undertake advanced doctoral studies and provides them with a specialized knowledge of the research issues in the fields of linguistics and philosophy. The program is centred on advance theoretical and experimental research on language and cognition.


Students will become able to address a specialized scientific bibliography, mostly in English and to be in contact with qualified publications and scientific journals, both on paper and online. The acquired capacity to apply theories and methods of linguistic research to the description and analysis of particular languages in a comparative perspective prepares the students to operate in the domain of advanced fundamental and applied research on human language.


In addition to the continuation of the studies in the framework of a graduate school, the job opportunities offered by the MA program can be identified in positions in which language and cognition are central and require an in-depth knowledge of theoretical models, of models of linguistic analysis, of experimental methodologies, of aspects of the interdisciplinary study of language as a cognitive capacity. The potential sectors of activities for the students who obtain the degree in Language and Mind. Linguistics and Cognitive Studies include the didactics of languages, the study of the pathologies of language and of possible rehabilitation techniques, the domain of computational applications to language related activities.